Electrified Training

Part of our original mission statement was to include education and help train the next generation of EV Mechanics. We want to offer our first step with an immersion program to all things Tesla and EV!

A couple questions we get asked on a frequent basis are, “how to learn what we know?”, or “where can you go to get training to work on electric vehicles?”

To answer these questions we are starting our first introductory program to begin sharing our knowledge with the public. We will get in depth with the operations of the Tesla Model S as well as electric vehicle systems as whole. This class is a great place to start for beginners that don’t know anything about electric cars. It is also a good place for intermediate people to advance their knowledge as well.

This class will be a full 2 day class that will discuss the charging system, battery technology/repair, CAN communication systems, as well as 12v electrical systems.

Head here to reserve your spot!

Electrified Garage East Coast Expansion

Electrified Garage started as a small shop in Seabrook New Hampshire back in June of 2019. It was founded by Rich Rebuilds and EV Tuning. It quickly became the premier place in New England to bring your Tesla or EV in for service. Many owners north and west of Boston found it move convenient to come to Electrified Garage than drive down into Boston. Between Chad Hrencecin and Chris Salvo we had 11 years cumulative experience. This meant that we had seen most every issue you would experience with a Tesla and knew how to fix it right the first time. We quickly became a bit of a tourist destination for fans of the Rich Rebuilds Youtube Channel. People were also excited to see a third party shop to service their Tesla at.

2020 has been a busy year. We have added an additional technician named Bryan Maynard to the Seabrook location in August. Bryan was an avid DIY car guy with a diverse background of low voltage electrical, CAD, Solidworks, 3D printing, Welding and Fabricating. He brings a lot to the table that will be utilized for future conversions, custom projects and help on the Rich Rebuilds Youtube Channel.

In September, co-founder Chris Salvo moved his family to Ocala Florida to start our first Florida Location. We hired Michael Kohlman as our lead technician for Ocala. He has over 20 years as a Senior Master Technician for Ford and a strong electrical background. Michael typically worked on all the hybrid and electric vehicles at the Ford Dealership he was at. He has transitioned really well to working on Tesla’s and brought a new perspective for how to service them.

In October we teamed up with Michael “Mojo” Mogilewski the owner of Signature Custom Wraps and Coatings out of Dania Beach to bring a one stop shopping experience to Ocala. We then teamed up again with Signature to open our third location in Dania beach at their Headquarters in the beginning of January 2021. We hired Byrone De Jager who was previously a Tesla Technician and Service Manager for Tesla in West Palm Beach, to head up our South Florida expansion.

In November we hired Omar Phillips to lead our Service Advising and Customer Service department. Omar was originally a Service Advisor for Tesla in Queens New York. He then transitioned to Service Manager for Tesla in Syosset New York. Lastly he helped manage 12 Mobile Technicians as the Service Advisor for the New England Regional Mobile Service Team. If you call or email in to the garage for assistance or have a question he will be the one assisting you.

In a relatively short period of time we went from 1 small location and just Chad and Chris wearing multiple hats, to 3 locations and a growing team of experienced Tesla or Automotive industry specialists. We now have over 24 years of cumulative Tesla experience. The original New Hampshire location is now looking to move further south into Massachusetts and to expand operations for more technicians, special projects and custom builds.