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The feeling of having an electric vehicle is, well – electric. The benefits speak for themselves as you get to save money on gas while doing your part to save the environment around you. But electric vehicles require special care that many shops and garages simply can’t offer. That’s where we come in, providing expert third-party service for maintenance, repair, and customization, all at competitive prices.



Going above and beyond what’s expected

At The Electrified Garage, we have a passion for electric vehicles, and we know you do too. That’s why all our services are completed by the most experienced professionals with extreme care and caution. We want you to leave our garage feeling completely satisfied with our work.


What our customers have to say

“Highly recommend Electrified Garage for all Tesla models. The technicians actually care about spreading knowledge of issues with your vehicle rather than treating you as a number.”

Al C.

South Florida

“So very grateful for a quality shop to service and upgrade my 2013 P85+. Communication is superior to any other auto repair shop that I’ve used. Super knowledgeable for such a new technology. I share this with just about every Tesla owner l meet.”

Hank S.

South Florida

“As a new car owner I am very particular about who touches my car. Most technicians here are ex-Tesla techs so you can definitely trust them with your car! Will be back for more mods!”

Jai P.

South Florida


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Our experience, skill, and inviting nature will make us the only electric car shop you ever turn to.


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