Electrified Garage: The brainchild of Rich Rebuilds and EV Tuning

After several years working for Tesla we found that there was a void in the third party repair market for EV’s and specifically Tesla. Two former Tesla technicians decided to join forces and set out to revolutionize the EV Repair Industry. Enter: The Electrified Garage!

We have 24 years of factory trained Tesla experience. Starting back with Signature Model S and the original Roadster all the way up to the Model Y.

We have access to factory Tesla parts, aftermarket parts, and work with the best in the aftermarket to bring improved parts to market.

We have done everything from a Post-Purchase Inspection, Trailer Hitch, Wheels and Tires, Suspension and brake upgrades to cars being shipped from another country to be repaired.

For all your Tesla service, maintenance and customization needs please contact us for a service quote or advice on products!

Want service? Contact Us.

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